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Women in Caucasus: Common problems – Common ways of making decisions

Women in Caucasus: Common problems – Common ways of making decisions

Participants of the conference had opportunity to discuss common problems, share experience and develop ways to solve the problems.


Problems of Women from Samegrelo - Meeting in Zugdidi

Problems of Women from Samegrelo - Meeting in Zugdidi

On 20th of February 2013, in the office of Association "Dea", was organized working meeting, participants of which were represenatives of Women's Information Center and Committee of development for women from Poti and Zugdidi.


Meeting with Gender Equality Council

Meeting with Gender Equality Council

On 21th of February the the members of the Gender Equality Council of the Parliament met with the representatives of Women’s NGOs and representatives of Women’s Development Committees.



About us

Women`s Information Center (WIC)

In 2000 the Youth Group of National Committee of Georgia and Helsinki Assembly of Citizens has established an initiative group, which would work on gender issues, capacity building of women and protection of their rights. Relying on the experience of members of the organization in other spheres of activities, the group decided to focus on gender issues and other related issues. Members of the initiative group understood well, that in Georgia there was no information center for women, which would enhance women’s movements, capacity building and enabling of women through utilization of adequate information and communication technologies. The group started collection of information on organizations, working in given area. In the process of our work we have identified, that information, that the group needed was even less available, than was expected. This became a stimuli for establishing of a woman’s information center as an organization, the main objective of which would be capacity building of women through utilization of information-communication technologies and increasing of efficiency of women’s movements, as well as propagation of women’s ideas in the wide public. 

In 2000 with support of OSCE/ODIHR Women’s Information Center became a co-founder of Coalition of women’s NGOs in Georgia and a member of international organization “WAVE-Women against Violence Europe”, representing given organization in Georgia.

In 2002 under the aegis of National Committee of Helsinki Citizens Council the initiative group has published the first directory of women’s organizations in the Southern Caucasus.

In March 2003 the Women’s Information Center was officially registered as independent organization. 

Today the Center is member of several national and international organizations, has close links with European organizations and cooperates with CSO (Civil society organization).  Women’s Information Center has implemented several important projects and has some ongoing projects and initiative s as well.

The Center is assisted by a team of international advisors. The Center has it publishing house and design studio. This is the first structure of given character in Georgia, which is founded by women and in designated for provision of services and assistance to women’s organizations and CSO (Civil society organization).

WIC is responsible for administration of the resource center, which renders assistance directly to women NGOs, initiative groups and individual persons, as well as other civil society and international organizations. Resource center is equipped with library with resources on women rights and gender issues.

WIC has representations in different regions of Georgia.

WIC promotes to development of the network of women NGOs and supports leader women activities.

WIC administrates the following web projects: -Gender Information Portal in the Southern Caucasus - Domestic Violence No Trafficking - “Youth line” of the European network - Young Women s Network in South Caucasus

WIC established and administers activities of “Women paleographic services”, which is focused on capacity building of women and strengthening of their role in polygraphic and publishing spheres and promotion of organizational development.

WIC is representative of the network “Women against Violence in Europe (WAVE); representative of the network NEWW-Network of East - West Women in the Southern Caucasus and member of the network “European Center for Women and Technology”.

WIC focuses on establishment of women organization networks and coalitions.  




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