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Raising awareness among women on the topics of gender equality and violence against women in Khashuri Municipality
2023-07-20 17:49:59

With the valuable support of the Women's Information Center, a training session was conducted in Khashuri municipality focusing on gender equality and violence against women and/or domestic violence issues. The session was led by Mamuka Gachechiladze, an expert on gender issues.

The seminar, organized in collaboration with the Union of Kindergartens, aimed to raise awareness among women working in kindergartens in Khashuri municipality regarding "The issues of gender equality, combating violence against women and gender-based violence VAW_GBW."

The working meeting was attended by representatives of kindergartens in Khashuri Municipality, along with the Chairman of the Khashuri Municipality Council, Nino Liparteliani, and the Head of the Union of Gardens, Lela Gaprindashvilo.
During the training, participants deepened their understanding of social norms and stereotypes that perpetuate power imbalances and provoke violence. The workshop was conducted interactively, allowing participants to freely share their views and experiences while posing interesting and important questions.

The intensive training program covered both theoretical aspects and included elements of individual and teamwork. In the final part of the meeting, a discussion was held, and participants shared their feedback about the workshop.

It is worth mentioning that such initiatives align with the 5th goal of sustainable development, promoting gender equality and combating violence against women in society. Additionally, Khashuri Municipality consistently takes valuable steps toward building a more inclusive and safe society.

Nino Liparteliani expressed her evaluation of the meeting, stating, "The meeting was interactive, with the active participation of the audience, and there were many questions and different opinions. Such meetings carry significant weight, as we need to explain the essence of equal opportunities to teachers, parents, and children."

The training was held as part of two projects: "Women and Youth for the Implementation of the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda at the local level," - a coalition project of non-governmental organizations implemented in partnership with the Women’s Information Center, Women’s Fund “Sukhumi” and IDP Women Association “Consent”. The project received financial support from the UK Government's Conflict Stability and Security Fund, in collaboration with the United Nations Women's Organization. Additionally, the project "Women's Empowerment and Meaningful Participation in the Implementation of Local Gender Politics" was implemented with the support of the Danish organization KVINFO and the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Denmark.

We take great pride in announcing that WIC from Georgia has been bestowed with the esteemed CAREC PROGRAM Gender Award—CAREC GENDER CHAMPIONS 2023. Certainly, it is noteworthy that women's organizations from various countries around the world were nominated for this prestigious award

On July 26, 2019, representatives of the Women's Information Center organized a focus group in Kobuleti Municipality that included local leaders and women entrepreneurs who use / do not use the Women's Room Service.The purpose of the focus group was to evaluate the use of women's room services in the municipality for effective planning of further work.

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